Franchise Opportunity

If you have ever thought you would make a great shop-owner... your moment is here and now!!!  Milk Money is now looking for qualified franchisees to open new Milk Money stores. 

The Milk Money “franchise package” is an excellent one... it includes a treasure trove of our groovy artwork and decor; a library of our one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn print ads; successful consignment protocols and industry know-how; design and business consultation; an extensive network of legal and financial resources; and, of course, our ongoing training and support. 

Owning a Milk Money store is a wonderful way to earn an income, support your community, and raise your kids... amazingly, all at the same time!   We speak from the heart when we say how lucky we feel to have had the opportunity to strike that precarious work-family balance via Milk Money.  It has been a privilege indeed to have had our kids working along side us, and to model for them the virtues of industry, resourcefulness, and creativity.

And the consignment industry itself is a growing force to be reckoned with... stores like ours that recycle clothing are beneficial not only to the communities that buy and sell with us, but also to the well-being and viable future of our planet.

Together we will be a formidable force... please join us and embark on your very own Milk Money adventure!


Milk Money Franchise Fee includes:
 our trade-marked name and logo;
 artwork and decor (including all store signage and decorations);

 binder of print-ready ads, business cards, brochures, contracts, flyers and forms, as well as any custom-designe d forms you request;
 immediate internet presence on, our Milk Money web site;
 design consultation and hands-on assistance in opening your store:  finding and negotiating a site, purchasing fixtures, setting up and decorating in Milk Money‘s unique style;
 successful consignment protocols -- a unique, refined system that works!  Includes protocols for setting up and maintaining consignor accounts, accepting and pricing items, organizing seasonal sales and donations;  
 extensive network of legal, administrative, and financial resources (including insurance, credit card provider, legal, financial accounting);
 business consultation and assistance (establishing and maintaining all systems, as well as planning and implementing cost-effective marketing and advertising strategies);
 ongoing training and support/overall industry know-how -- we will be with you every step of the way!!!

Franchisee’s Additional Investment will include the following:
 Rent and Security Deposit
 Store/Office Supplies
 Telephone and Utilities (deposits and monthly bills)

 Computer / Software
 Additional Start-Up Capital

 Nothing contained in this site is an offer to sell franchises. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed with the appropriate authority in the state in which you reside.


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