Consigning with Milk Money

 Milk Money operates within two annual seasons - Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer
 We accept only items that are in sale-able condition...nothing that is stained, torn, excessively worn, out of season, or outdated.
 We will select which of your items we can accept on consignment.Please don't be offended if we say "no thanks" to any of your items.
 Milk Money sets the price at which your items will be sold.  
 Stop in at any time for money that is owed to you, we will pay you right then and there.

 We do a full-blown clearance sale at the end of each season. During clearance, you receive half of the final sale price. Whatever has not sold by the sale's end is donated among local charities. During Bag Sale week, all proceeds from sale of bags go to Milk Money only.
 We maintain a diverse list of donation sites, so that your unsold items really reach families and children in need.  Do yourself a favor, and let us donate your unsolds...better karma for everyone!
 You may, of course, retrieve any unsold items if you prefer that we not donate them.  It is your responsibility to retrieve your own items before the end of the season.
 And the golden rule of consigning at Milk Money...
JUST HAVE FUN!!  No-one (at least that we know!) has ever gotten rich off their consignment cash.  A new pair of shoes?  Absolutely. Dinner out? Definitely.  Just think of it as your Milk Money!

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